This document is a statement by the REVOLUTIONARY UNIFICATION, a group of communists who are fighting against the financial oligarchy of imperialism and the ruling class of Greece. The document states that the need for a massive, anti-imperialist, social and political front with communists in its vanguard is urgent due to the deepening of the structural crisis of the world capitalist system and its unresolved contradictions. The document also states that the action of any movement is blind without a scientific diagnosis of the laws, contradictions, dynamics, and prospects of humanity. The document calls for the formation of an open, massive, militant, anti-imperialist, and anti-fascist front on a programmatic basis, which will broaden and deepen the participation and radicalization of the workers and the people in a revolutionary direction. The document also outlines the need for the creative development of the theoretical and methodological acquis of classical Marxism, the critical evaluation of the course of the early socialist revolutions of the 20th century, the diagnosis of the irreconcilable oppositions and the destructive impasses of capitalism, and the need to identify another type of development for humanity.

Historically, the initial formation of the REVOLUTIONARY UNIFICATION occurred when the financial oligarchy of imperialism, in collaboration with the ruling class of Greece, further established the debt-colony regime in Greece. Since then, there is a need to form a massive, anti-imperialist, social and political front- with communists in its vanguard- so that the spontaneous popular movement of unprecedented massiveness and militancy can be consciously organized on a programmatic basis, in order to escalate its radicalization with a prospect of socialist revolution. Today, as the deepening of the structural crisis of the world capitalist system and its unresolved contradictions lead to an unprecedented escalation of World War III anew in Europe and on other fronts of the world, the tasks of communists/anti-imperialists become more urgent.

We were led to the formation and operation of the “Struggle Collective for the Revolutionary Unification of Mankind” (hereinafter referred to as the Revolutionary Unification), realizing that:

  1. the prevalence of bourgeois counter-revolution and capitalist restoration in the USSR and in the European countries of “early socialism” of the 20th century has led to i) an unprecedented defeat and retreat of the world revolutionary movement, ii) the spread of degenerative and divisive tendencies in the ranks of the workers’ movement, iii) a drastic decrease of the tractive power of classical Marxism and the basic tendencies associated with it, and iv) the degeneration of traditional communist parties and the furthering of the crisis in the International Communist Movement. In association with this defeat,
  2. the regain of the strategic initiative by the strongest forces of the global imperialist system– combined with radical changes in the extensive and intensive development of global capital accumulation via the selective exploitation of scientific and technological breakthroughs by the most powerful multinational, multi-industry monopoly conglomerations- has led to an intensification of contradictions, an increase in unevenness and an unprecedented structural crisis of the global capitalist system. The destructive tendencies that are increasingly manifesting themselves in our country and on the planet under capitalism threaten (with peaceful and/or warlike means and ways) the very existence of humanity and call for action guided by the scientific diagnosis and understanding of these tendencies,
  3. the action of any- existing or forthcoming- movement is blind (and, thus, of questionable effectiveness) without the necessary and sufficient scientific diagnosis of the laws, contradictions, dynamics, and prospects of humanity,
  4. this diagnosis is impossible:
  5. with the mere empirical description of situations and events, by the “academic” approach of the bourgeois, professorial “science” (K. Marx),
  6. with the instrumentalist and fragmentary use of some revolutionary theory elements for propaganda expediencies in the context of mutual heteronomies,
  7. with the dogmatic obsession on the a-historically perceived adequacy and self-sufficiency of any ideological understanding which, self-proclaimed as “unique eternal truth” or even “eternally correct political line”, disregards the emergence and development of new historical phenomena (modern stage of imperialism, changes in power relations, revolutions, and counterrevolutions),
  8. from the equally ahistorical viewpoint of various versions of volatile revisionism-skepticism that are preaching the complete rejection of the revolutionary theory as “irreversibly obsolete”, by invoking the existence of new historical phenomena
  9. this diagnosis is possible only through the creative scientific, historical, critical, and methodological evaluation and development of the most advanced acquis of revolutionary social theory

Nowadays it is imperative to upgrade the frontal formation of the struggle with a catalytic contribution of those communist forces that consistently and continuously link their every step with the need to escalate the struggle and the socialist perspective, the communist forces that understand the tasks of our times and take these tasks up with modesty, selflessness, and self-denial. It is imperative to form an open, massive, militant, anti-imperialist, and anti-fascist front, on a programmatic basis, a front that will broaden and deepen the participation and radicalization of the workers and the people in a revolutionary direction.

However, forming such a front is impossible if the forces calling for it set as a prerequisite the communist goal, if they turn communism into a blatant frontispiece for the left-wing, anti-capitalist, socialist, communist, etc., “purity” of this front. It goes without saying that for the communists any frontal initiative constitutes a tactical movement and as such it must be dialectically linked to the strategic purpose. The escalation of the frontal struggle, in turn, is the one that will organically contribute to the maturation of the conditions for the corresponding communist body of the time.

Therefore, marching consistently on the victorious path of the frontal struggle requires:

  1. the creative development – dialectical sublation (Aufhebung) of the theoretical and methodological acquis of classical Marxism, so that people- based on a revolutionary theory that corresponds to the needs of the movement of our times- can describe and scientifically explain the history and the society of our times, and prospectively assess a path forward for humanity, so that it avoids its own self-destruction in a spiral of crises, impasses, and wars of capitalist barbarism
  2. the critical evaluation of the course of the early socialist revolutions of the 20th century- the defeat of which in the USSR and the socialist countries of Europe- did not signal the “end of history”, the eternal triumph of capitalist exploitation and oppression, as the bourgeois and the opportunists claim, but constitute only a first historical cycle, an era of the real revolutionary movement
  3. the diagnosis of the irreconcilable oppositions, the historical limits, destructive impasses, but also of the creative forces for the emancipation of labor that become prominent by the modern capitalist system of imperialist globalization with its uneven growth, and
  4. the increasingly complete, clear, and positive identification of another type of development for humanity, of the revolutionary unification of humanity, of the communist perspective, which will cleanse it of the stigma and complexes of its first defeat and will upgrade it anew to a vital ideal for the youth and humanity. The new armies of the increasingly socialized creative labor, together with those of the executive type of labor, equipped with contemporary knowledge, consciousness, culture, and organization, will carry out the complex tasks of the forthcoming victorious struggles for the early, mature, and late socialist revolutions, for the unification of humanity. A basic principle is the cultivation of another type of relationships within the movement- beyond barren confrontations and entrenchments- by demonstrating points of convergence between radical and revolutionary forces, overcoming minor differences that immobilize, undermine, and weaken the movement.
  5. the need to diagnose: i) the character of the escalating World War III, ii) the contradictions that led to it, and iii) the driving forces of the revolutionary movement of our times and the way in which they are involved in the conflict, as well as the need to consciously strengthen the forces of anti-imperialism and socialism-communism to prepare the new wave of victorious revolutions.

Precisely because our times and conjuncture require realizing the above, the self-criticism of a phase of the movement that is irrevocably ending with its dialectical sublation as the starting point of its gradual upgrading into a social, political and cultural subject fitting our times, we decided to form a collective (not a party) of transitional character, which will contribute to the coordination, organization and promotion necessary catalytic political and ideological interventions at this conjuncture.

Tactical Objectives

The main strategic objective of REVOLUTIONARY UNIFICATION is the revolutionary struggle towards the UNIFICATION OF HUMANITY, towards COMMUNISM. The tactical steps towards the fulfillment of this strategic objective consist of a conscious and deliberate contribution to the creation of the necessary and sufficient conditions for the constitution of a militant vanguard of the subject of the inevitably coming victorious socialist revolutions. This subject is no other than the working class (its traditional and modern constituents) which needs to constitute itself into an organized body corresponding to the needs of the time: into a party and into an international coordination of parties, on the basis of the critical assimilation of the history and experience of the communist movement, on the basis of the creative dialectical development-sublation of the acquis of revolutionary theory and practice.

The tactical objectives of REVOLUTIONARY UNIFICATION are:

  1. to contribute theoretically, ideologically and practically to the diagnosis and solving of the key problems of our time, in the light of the communist perspective, in order to contribute with unswerving consistency to the formation and development of those conditions which will contribute to the consolidation of an anti-imperialist socio-political front on a programmatic basis. The struggle for national independence based on the dialectical relationship between the national/patriotic, transnational and class questions is indispensable, leaving no room for pseudo-patriotic, nationalist manipulations.
  2. the connection of modern revolutionary theory with the needs of society and the revolutionary movement in our country and internationally, in the light of the revolutionary perspective of the unification of humanity, of socialism-communism in our time.
  3. the strengthening of the internationalist anti-war/anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggle, which is of utmost importance in the midst of the Third World War, which is escalating today.
  4. the research and elaboration of contemporary scientific approaches to the major economic, social, trade union and political problems in Greece and internationally, starting from the scientific acquis of Marxism and its necessary creative development/dialectical sublation, on the basis of the acquis of the theory and methodology of the “Logic of History”.
  5. the theoretical and practical education of the working class, the people and especially the youth on the principles of proletarian internationalism and modern revolutionary theory and methodology.

The political struggle for the above is based on:

  1. promoting the position and role of scientific research in the social transformation of humanity through the fulfillment of three fundamental functions: a) the objective scientific description of existing reality, b) the scientific explanation of causality, of the laws governing reality and c) the scientific prediction of upcoming development.
  2. the investigation and elucidation of the essential features, laws and contradictions of the contemporary stage of development and parasitic degeneration of the imperialist globalization of capital, of the creative and destructive potential it encompasses, its inequality and its tendencies on a local, regional and global scale, the inherent ever deeper and insurmountable crisis phenomena, the distortion/destruction of science and technology through their increasingly direct subordination to capital, the threat of humanity’s total annihilation due to the predatory relationship that exists between people and between mankind and nature, the danger of mass extinction of life on the planet (due to ecological destruction, uncontrolled pandemics and/or the generalized use of weapons of mass destruction in a global conflict), the systemic degradation and degeneration of homo sapiens as a subject, as a personality and as a collective (including their biological substrate).
  3. emphasizing the position and role of the working class (traditional and modern) as the leading revolutionary class of society in the overthrow of capitalism, through its constitution as a class for itself. Indicating the necessity of the socialist revolution as a law-governed process for the abolition of all forms of exploitation and oppression, the all-round emancipation of mankind and the transition to the construction of socialist-communist society.
  4. studying the contradictory historical contribution of the countries of early socialism to the path towards the revolutionary unification of humanity, communism.
  5. highlighting the leading position and decisive role of the victorious early socialist revolutions (whether they were defeated by counter-revolution or are continuing on the path of socialist construction) in the escalation of the global law-governed revolutionary process of transition to unified humanity.
  6. discerning the complexity and contradictory nature of the global historical process of humanity’s transition to communism, due to the inequality of the global capitalist system and the consequent distinction between early and late socialist revolutions, based on the objective and subjective conditions of their manifestation. The investigation and elucidation of the basic contradiction of early socialism (and all socialism) and its derivatives, of which the lack of effective resolution in a timely manner leads to crisis phenomena and even to the prevalence of bourgeois counter-revolution/ capitalist restoration. Discerning the law-governed increasing necessity of planning in production and society and the necessity of developing and implementing the most optimal scientific planning for socialist construction on this foundation. Discerning the social, economic, political, cultural, etc. specific characteristics of the subject of these revolutions.
  7. uncovering the place and role in the revolutionary movement of the national liberation, anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggles of the peoples of the colonies, semi-colonies and dependent countries and of the countries that emerged from these movements, under the influence and with the internationalist help of the USSR and other countries of early socialism.
  8. contributing to a more positive definition of the essential characteristics of mature society, the stage of authentic human history, of unified humanity, of communism, as a radically new type of development, as authentic civilization, making use of the incomparably superior possibilities available to the revolutionary movement today , because of the extremely rich historical experience of the victories and defeats of early socialism, but also because of the new (interdisciplinary) theoretical and methodological acquisitions and heuristic possibilities of revolutionary theory.
  9. investigating the history of the world labour and communist movement, including Greece.
  10. the studying of the laws of degeneration and integration into the bourgeois regime of parties which in the past were revolutionary, during long peaceful-parliamentary periods, with the widening and deepening of the processes of the sell-out of “labour aristocracy” to capital, through successive drifts into opportunist positions and practices serving the strategic aims of the ruling class and the global financial oligarchy, drifts accompanied by -necessary for their justification and legitimation- revisions of revolutionary theory.
  11. the consistent and unyielding struggle against vulgar and apologetic bourgeois philosophy and ideology, against all forms of irrationalism and mysticism, against apologetic bourgeois pseudo-science, against various degenerative and destructive tendencies in revolutionary theory and methodology and beyond (dogmatic scholasticism, revisionist skepticism), against the substitution of revolutionary dialectics by versions of metaphysics, structuralism, post-structuralism, “post-modernism”, by bourgeois and/or petty-bourgeois reformism/evolutionism, against the “renewal/revision” of Marxism through the introduction into it of bourgeois positions and principles and/or its reduction to them, etc. Struggle against anti-historical and anti-dialectical notions about the correlation between revolutionary theory – practice, strategy – tactics (with the consequent reduction of the former to the latter and the opposite) that undermine the revolutionary movement. Struggle against anti-Sovietism/anti-communism. Struggle against “ultra-revolutionary” versions of Marxist revisionism that are reduced to abstract “anti-capitalism” of utopian character. Struggle against various versions of compromise with the capitalist regime, bourgeois and/or petty-bourgeois reformism, against social democracy and Eurocommunism, against bourgeois and/or petty-bourgeois nationalism, against racism and xenophobia, against fascism, against capital’s cosmopolitanism manipulatively passed off as “internationalism”, etc.
  12. the theoretical and practical-organizational contribution to the formation of fronts of anti-imperialist struggle and the “World Anti-Imperialist Platform”, aiming at the strengthening and victory of the anti-imperialist, anti-fascist and communist forces in the country and in the world.

The members of our collective are committed to serve selflessly, with all their strength, the perspective of revolutionary unification of humanity.