Solidarity with the uprising people of Palestine! Victory to the Arms of Resistance!

When we speak about the genocide of a people, it is impossible not to think of the Palestinians, who have been under constant persecution and genocide for 75 years.

We must also not forget that the racist Zionist state of Israel is an artificial creation, vanguard (literally a military base, war bastion, gendarme and strike force) of the imperialist axis led by the USA, in order to control the strategic point of the Middle East region, the flows of the hydrocarbon energy resources and to ensure the subjugation through divide and conquer in the major Middle East region and the wider Arab and Islamic world.

Responsible for the ongoing crime, apart from Israel itself and its mentor, the US and NATO allies, are the Greek governments of ND, PASOK and SYRIZA, with their unconditional support towards the Zionist regime and their cooperation with the army and its secret services.

The unprecedented operational success of the Palestinian armed uprising was not a bolt from the blue, but the result of a long lasting struggle (armed and unarmed) of the Palestinian people against the Zionist occupation regime and literal against the colonization in their own homeland. On the one hand, it came in response to the events of the last week in which the settlers went on the rampage in the occupied territories, under the protection of their government, desecrated the Al-Aqsa Mosque and carried out another pogrom in the town of Huvarah. On the other hand, it constitutes a preventive strike to deter Israel’s plans for an attack on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank next month. The vindictive bombing of Gaza exacerbates the situation and provokes a justified reaction from Lebanon’s Hezbollah at Israel’s northern border. However, a number of countries, led by Iran, are also supporting the Palestinian uprising and warned Israel not to carry out a large-scale military operation on the ground in the Gaza Strip.

This military success of the armed national liberation and the de facto anti-imperialist struggle forces, literally caught off guard the state apparatus, the secret services and the murderous occupation army of the Zionist racist regime. The military success of the Palestinian people is a typical example of an extremely well-organized mass movement in terms of tactical surprise of the opponent and asymmetrical unexpected strikes. Regardless of its final outcome, this success inspires all peoples in the anti-imperialist and revolutionary struggle in an extremely critical period. This success demonstrates that the imperialist axis led by the USA are not invincible, even if it’s the most ruthless and heavily armed elite vanguards.

It represents a powerful blow that humiliates and demolishes the racist arrogance of the Axis at such a crucial phase, in which the Palestinian fighters exploited even the shortage of ammunition caused by the systematic shipment of ammunition to the Nazi regime in Kiev. This attack de facto makes the situation of the rapidly fading imperialist axis even more dire, bringing previously hostile countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iran even closer together. This attack makes it all the more urgent for the Russian bourgeois government to distance itself from the pro-Israeli stance, dictated until recently by the interests of a significant part of the Russian oligarchy.

The situation that is taking shape after the opening of this front makes even more urgent the need for the rallying, coordination and active organization of all the anti-imperialist forces in our country, in the Eastern Mediterranean region, in the Balkans and on a global scale. The anti-imperialist frontal struggle, with the communists taking the lead in this role, becomes a necessary condition for the very salvation of peoples, for the survival of humanity.

The same countries that today condemn Hamas and for years have legitimized the killing of civilians by Israel, are the same countries that since 2014 have supported the Nazi regime in Kiev in the genocide against the people of the Donbass People’s Republics. Besides, Netanyahu’s recent welcome of the Ukrainian Right Sector Nazis, the sending of war equipment to Ukraine and the training of the Ukronazis by special forces of the Zionist regime, demonstrates the direct relationship and cooperation of the two countries both in the struggle against the self-determination of their peoples and in the ongoing Third World War.

In this vilification the left parties supporting NATO contribute by issuing statements condemning Hamas.

The struggle of the Palestinian people, however, shatters and ridicules both such positions and the miserable opportunist position of ” equal distance ” in this life-or-death global conflict. Today it becomes imperative to demonstrate how destructive for the Movement is this opportunist tendency, which acts as a striking force of the imperialism. Without the unmasking of this divisive opportunism, the national liberation and anti-imperialist struggle cannot be victorious. Who benefits from the crocodile tears of those who on the one hand condemn Israel for the massacre of the Palestinians, and on the other hand maintain “equal distances” between the parties involved in the great war, where one side is precisely that of imperialism (the US, Israel, their bourgeois government and their allies) while the other (largely heterogeneous) is composed of countries and peoples that wage an anti-imperialist struggle.

Victory to the people of Palestine!

Crush the US-led imperialist axis on all fronts!

Death to racism and imperialism!

Victory to the weapons of resistance!

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